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  • Any Food Allergies, Vegetarian or Gluten Free request, PLEASE let us know within your order.

  • 3rd Party-Delivery Service may not available in your area, Please check your location before place a order with them.

  • The promotion for Any FREE ITEMS is not available on any 3rd party-Delivery Service.

  • We can not responsible for any lost/damage/missing order, during delivery processing from those delivery services.

  • [V]  =  can be cooked with Vegetarian Sauce , or Vegetarian (already in Appetizers, Salad)

  • [GF]  =  can be cooked with Gluten Free Sauce, or Gluten Free (already in Appetizers, Salad)

  • [!]  =  level of spiciness (can make more, but can't make less spicy as already is)

  • The Vegetarian Sauce and Gluten Free Sauce can't be combined.

  • All noodle soup served as it is, Please NO Substitute!

  • We won't substitute Vegetables with Meat

  • Price are subject to change without notice

  • Your order might be delayed, if you order during rush hour (5:30pm-7:30pm)

Thank you for Understanding,   Enjoy your Food!

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